IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have integrated snapADDY DataQuality in SAP Sales Cloud, before you start with the following tutorial.

How to integrate snapADDY DataQuality as a tab in SAP Sales Cloud

This tutorial will guide you through the steps that are necessary for integrating the Smart Autocomplete feature into the New Lead form in SAP Sales Cloud.

Preparation in SAP Sales Cloud

Reorder "Create Lead" fields

  • We recommend you to update the Create Lead view and reorder the fields as shown bellow. This will ensure that all relevant fields are visible at once.

1. Start Adaptation

2. Reorder fields as shown below

Enable Smart Autocomplete

  • Smart Autocomplete is enabled within SAP by creating a new field with a specific name in the Lead entity. The snapADDY extension will ask SAP if such a field exists and if it does, Smart Autocomplete will be shown when the Create Lead form is opened.

1. Start the Adaption mode and select AddField

2. Create a new field in the Lead entity

  • Technical Name: SnapaddyEnableSmartAutocomplete

  • The information as type, label etc. are not relevant. This field will not be visible in any UI in your system.

  • Edit the field

  • Enable the field for the "lead" OData Service, this way snapADDY will be able to detect it.

  • Save your changes

  • Open the Create Lead view. Now you can use the Smart Autocomplete feature!

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