I. Importing the package

1. Go into Advanced Settings

2. Under Settings dropdown go to Solutions

3. Click Import

4. Download the SnapaddyPackage.zip file and select it.

5. After selecting the file click Continue and finally Import

II. Adding the new Web Resource as Tab to menu of any Hub

  1. Open the App Launcher within Dynamics 365

2. Select the Power Apps Application

3. Select the correct Environment in the upper right corner (our main environment is called snapADDY GmbH)

4. Select Apps in the sidebar on the left

5. Edit the App where snapADDY DataQuality should be included (in our case that's Sales Hub)

6. Open the Site Map settings

7. Add a Group and enter a Title

8. Add a new Subarea, select "Web Resource" as Type, "DataQuality" or “snapaddy_DataQuality” as URL (check autocomplete) and add a Title

III. End Result

After this tutorial snapADDY DataQuality is available as a tab in your Sales Hub.

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