I. Installation Flow

1. Open the snapADDY DataQuality package in AppExchange → Link

2. Click on Get It Now

3. Choose where to install the Package (Production or Sandbox)

4. Click on Confirm and Install

5. Select Install for all Users and click Install

6. Wait a moment until the Package is installed in your Organisation

7. Click Done, you'll get automatically redirected to your Salesforce Instance

In the next steps you can find out how to configurate the snapADDY DataQuality App 👇

II. Application Configuration

1. Navigate to Setup Platform ToolsApps Connected AppsManage Connected Apps

2. Select the snapADDY App (click on the Name and not on the "Edit" button!)

3. Click on Edit Policies

4. Change the Permitted Users OAuth Policy to Admin approved users are preauthorized

5. Close the opened popup

6. Click on Save

7. On the Connected App page, Select Manage Profiles

8. Select all Profiles that should get access to snapADDY DataQuality and click on Save at the bottom

In the next steps you can find out how to add the snapADDY DataQuality tab to the main nav bar 👇

III. Add the snapADDY DataQuality Tab

1. Open the App where DataQuality should appear.

2. Select the Pen-icon in the nav bar

3. Click on Add More Items

4. Search for DataQuality and click the ➕-icon

5. Select Add 1 Nav Item

6. Reorder the nav items to your own preference and click Save

Congratulations! You can now use snapADDY DataQuality within Salesforce 🎉🥳

IV. Trouble Shooting ⚠

If you have any problems with DataQuality after the installation, please have a look into our possible issues and solutions.

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snapADDY in Salesforce

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