With the latest update from the snapADDY CardScanner app (v. 5.0.x) you can share the contact information from the scanned business card via different apps (contacts,

Outlook etc.).

In order to save the business card in the contacts of your device, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Please check if the Contacts app is enabled on your device. If it is uninstalled, please install it.

  2. Open the CardScanner app and scan a business card or add a contact manually.

  3. Click on the Export button and click on Share contact.

4. If the Contacts app is not shown in the latest used apps in the menu, please click on More.

5. Choose the Option Copy to Contacts and set it as a Favorite.

6. Restart your device and open the Contacts app, so the iOS could register the app for further Share-Screen.

7. Now open the snapADDY CardScanner app. The Option Copy to Contacts will be shown in the first line as one of your favorite export targets.

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