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To scan badges on events like trade shows and fairs, snapADDY offers the following integrations in collaboration with the service provider XPress leads by Convention Data Services

To integrate with XPress leads, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Buy the API key from the service provider (including the associated event-ID)
  2. Go to your snapADDY Dasboard and keep the API key ready
  3. Go to VisitReport -> Configurator -> Drafts
  4. Enter the desired Template for your show or fair
  5. Go to Template Settings and click on the tab "Badge Scan"
  6. Enter the API key under "API key" and the event-ID under "Event-ID"
  7. Now you can select "Badge Scan" in the app and start with a new badge

(German version)

Wie installiere ich die VisitReport-App?

  • Erst Konfiguriert werde muss
  • Services von außen (Service Provider)
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