For snapADDY DataQuality to be correctly connected to SAP Sales Cloud, a special setting for this field must be activated in SAP Sales Cloud.

To do this, please follow the instructions provided by SAP Sales Cloud:

Enable an Extension Field for data import

  1. Click Adapt  Edit Master Layout

  • Hold over the field (Extension Field) on the interface that you would like to enable for import. It will highlight yellow.

    2. Click on the wrench icon (Change Properties) and then Field Definition. Now you  are inside the settings of the Extension Field.
   3. Go to the tab OData Services and click Edit on the bottom of the page. 

  • Click on plus on the column Action for the line lead

  • Click on plus on the column Action vor the line contact/customer.

  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen. You can now close this field customization window.

   4. Click on Adapt  End Layout Changes.

   5. Now, when you go to Settings  Data  Import and you can select the object you added that Extension Field to, and download the CSV template for that object, you should find the Extension Field at the end (on the right) of the template. Please do not select the object that ends with c4cdataworkbench as it will give an error.



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